Will Christian Organizations Become the Least Safe Place for Christian Women to Work?

One big consequence of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is that God said to the serpent who willfully deceived Eve: “I will put enmity between you and the woman” (Genesis 3:15). Enmity is hostility. Malevolence. War. Spiritual warfare is a constant insofar as our adversary, “the devil, prowls aboutContinue reading “Will Christian Organizations Become the Least Safe Place for Christian Women to Work?”


Imagine yourself receiving this letter dated July 18, 2012.  It is not from your boss.  It arrives to you strictly via email. The letter refers to a “list of protocols” that you have never seen. You are going to be fired if you do not sign this letter [click below] within nine days. July 18,Continue reading “Breached Contracts: YOU CAN SEE THE EVIDENCE YOURSELF”

When Broken Boards Are Made of Nice People

Dear Friends, A couple of nights ago my husband met a Simpson board member at Bible Study Fellowship for men.  What Providence for the two of them to meet!  My husband Jim said it was wonderful that he and the board member related to each other as brothers in the Lord in that venue.  WeContinue reading “When Broken Boards Are Made of Nice People”

Don’t Worry As You Age Because . . .

I read an article yesterday in the New York Times about a man who is 107 who works full-time, 40 hours a week, cutting hair.  He is the world’s oldest barber. Out of curiosity, I explored a little further and learned that the oldest living persons on the planet right now are 116 years old, born inContinue reading “Don’t Worry As You Age Because . . .”

Petition Denied: CA Supreme Court Says “No”

Dear Friends, Yesterday in the quiet of our home, Jim and I opened a letter from the California Supreme Court which, to my surprise, heralded the news:   Simpson’s petition for review was denied.  The CA Supreme Court said “no” to Simpson’s attempt to  use Religious Defenses to hide the breaches of my Simpson employment contracts.Continue reading “Petition Denied: CA Supreme Court Says “No””

Gender and the “Authentic Self”

Dear Friends, Over the holidays I started reading Nancy Pearcey’s new book, Love Thy Body, which has lots to do with the subject of men and women. My first comment about the book is to say how heartened I am by the compassion Pearcey expresses for all who disregard their own body, or betray itsContinue reading “Gender and the “Authentic Self””

The G2 Summit Helped Me Say #MeToo

Dear Friends, I just read the Christianity Today article about the G2 Summit of Friday December 13, 2018 hosted by the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College (my alma mater) on the timely topic:   Responding to Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Violence.  It was the first interdenominational gathering to address the problem of abusive power figuresContinue reading “The G2 Summit Helped Me Say #MeToo”

A Sad, Sad Story About the Breakdown of Religion in a Religious Corporation in Redding

Dear Friends, The plot is thickening. Before I explain, I want to reiterate that my intention here is to share my Simpson story in an interesting, educational, motivating way that prompts revival. Right now, in my assessment, the underlying root of Simpson’s legal argument inadvertently suggests that the First Amendment of the United States ConstitutionContinue reading “A Sad, Sad Story About the Breakdown of Religion in a Religious Corporation in Redding”

Thanksgiving: The Fire Did Not Destroy All of Paradise

It’s almost Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. A quiet time for giving thanks to God. In the maze of life, the strange wandering we all do, there are such perplexities as the Camp Fire that, as it turns out, did not destroy all of Paradise. Consider this excerpt from another blog I found: The randomness ofContinue reading “Thanksgiving: The Fire Did Not Destroy All of Paradise”

The Nation’s Deadliest Fire in a Century

Dear Friends, The Camp Fire that burned up the beautiful town of Paradise (population 27,000) near Chico (about 80 miles southeast of Redding) now ranks as the deadliest fire that the United States of America has suffered in a century. To give you some perspective, the second worst fire in California history killed 29 peopleContinue reading “The Nation’s Deadliest Fire in a Century”

Paradise Lost: New Worst Fire Ever in CA Still Burning

Dear Friends, Until now, I have been too numb, too shocked, to write about the Camp Fire, the most devastating fire that California has ever seen. On Thursday November 8, 2018, this speed-fire — within eight hours–engulfed, gulped down, and swallowed whole the 27,000 population, beautiful town called Paradise, which lies about 90 miles away fromContinue reading “Paradise Lost: New Worst Fire Ever in CA Still Burning”

Part 1: Is it Masculine for a Woman to Be Like Jesus?

In the twentieth century, one of my favorite writers, Dorothy Sayers, wrote a now-famous little treatise titled, “Are Women Human?”  Today I’d like to ask a more twenty-first century question: Is it masculine for a woman to be like Jesus? When recently my husband attended a men’s event at church, he came home with anContinue reading “Part 1: Is it Masculine for a Woman to Be Like Jesus?”

I Corinthians 13 — Something to Memorize

One of the many blessings of my childhood is that Mrs. Hill, my Sunday School teacher for fourth grade, challenged us kids to memorize I Corinthians 13, which I did.   I’ve gotten rusty on it though, so I want to memorize it again.  The first time I did so was with The Living Bible translation. Continue reading “I Corinthians 13 — Something to Memorize”

What Happened To Me At Simpson: Listen to Hope Podcast #5

Friends, This is God’s timing.  Just this morning, a podcast telling my story was released. After you hear Lina Abujamra’s Hope Podcast Episode 5, you may wonder where things stand in the Simpson saga right now, today. So let me try to explain.  Most private colleges and universities in America were founded as Christian institutions. Continue reading “What Happened To Me At Simpson: Listen to Hope Podcast #5”

California Holds Religious Organizations Accountable For Employment Contracts, But Not …

Dear Friends, In this post-Christian, post- Hosanna-Tabor society a very important question emerges:  Where does religious freedom begin and end for religious organizations and their employees?  Do employees who work for ministries have any civil rights?  Do their employment contracts count?  Can they be lied about — with impunity — on corporate microphones?  Can ministersContinue reading “California Holds Religious Organizations Accountable For Employment Contracts, But Not …”

How Could Anybody Sue A Christian School?

Not all lawsuits are the same.  Some are potshot attacks hurled by activists who plot against practicing Christians such as Jack Phillips, a Colorado baker who was minding his own business, found himself being targeted by the Colorado government on account of his Christian belief in traditional marriage.  By contrast, other lawsuits are legitimate criesContinue reading “How Could Anybody Sue A Christian School?”

Can a Christian Institution Take God’s Name in Vain?

What do you think?  Should employment contracts count as legally viable contracts in Christian organizations? Would you want to sign a contract to work at a Christian ministry and then later be told, “Oh, this written contract only serves to say that you, as an employee, have to abide by its elaborate terms.  This document called aContinue reading “Can a Christian Institution Take God’s Name in Vain?”

I-5 closed again, but Fire is 24% Contained

Current Situation (as of 9/13, 6 p.m.):  59,915 Acres 24% Contained 3,264 Personnel 17 Structures Destroyed 9/13 Evening Summary: Today, firefighters had success in constructing fireline directly along the fire’s perimeter along the northern, western, and southern edges of the fire. Aircraft assisted with fire activity on the west side of Interstate 5. The fire passedContinue reading “I-5 closed again, but Fire is 24% Contained”